Nick's Swedish Style Light Ice Cream, Peanöt Butter Karamell (8 Pints)


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Peanut butter ice cream with caramelly swirls.
Move over jelly. This Peanöt Butter wants to take a spin with caramelly swirls for a change.

One bite of this baby and you’ll be saying, “Yem! Ag kan Inle tro att ler kalorift!” It means, “Yum! I can’t believe it’s light in calories!” And that wasn’t even Swedish. It’s just what you sound like with a mouth full of creamy, peanut buttery goodness mixed with silky, rich caramelly rivers. Yem!
Ingredients: Skim Milk, Soluble Corn Fiber, Cream, Allulose, EPG (modified plant-based oil), Erythritol, Roasted Peanut, Milk Protein Concentrate, Sorbitol, Xylitol, Coconut Oil, Whey Protein Isolate, Acacia, Natural Flavors, Modified Corn Starch, Salt, Caramel Color, Guar Gum, Tara Gum, Stevia and Monk Fruit Extract, Carob Gum. Contains: Milk, Coconut, Peanuts.