Oatly - Strawberry Frozen Dessert (Pint)


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Let’s talk flavor strategy. Yes, it’s a thing in the product development world. So a lot of other players in this category have a “strawberries & cream” game plan, but our strategy is to let the star player be the star player. (You may be glad to know, with that last sentence, we’ve reached the quota for sports references on an oat company website, so please read on with confidence.) Even though our strawberries pair amazingly well with our oat base, our goal was never a strawberries & cream flavor. We’re making strawberry here, people. And in keeping with the bold flavor theme, we’ve added a touch of lemon and sea salt to bring out the strawberries’ best talents. The result is that if it was summer and you were in a field eating juicy red strawberries brushed lightly with the leaf of a citrus tree, you wouldn’t have to try this product because you would already know exactly what it tastes like.

What’s Amazing

It’s strawberries and oats, both grown from the soil of the earth, together in ice cold community.

No synthetic flavors dressed up as strawberries or cream or pirates or whatever.

The carton is made of 100% SFI-certified paper from sustainable forests, and is totally recyclable (depending on your city, but come on, cities, let’s get with the program).

what might be less amazing

Nothing is more annoying than bringing up how they did things at your last job, or school, or roller derby — but in Sweden, we’ve been calling this product “ice cream” like forever, and the naming police there are cool with it. We just wanted to mention that fact here under what might be less amazing on this US strawberry non-dairy frozen dessert webpage.

Guar gum and locust bean gum are in the mix to help with the texture because there’s basically no way to make a delicious non-dairy or dairy frozen dessert without gums.

We have also mixed in a little stabilizer, which of course is a disadvantage if you prefer melted ice cream. In that case, maybe just skip the part where you freeze this product (though we don’t officially recommend it).


Oatmilk (water, oats), strawberry, sugar, coconut oil, dextrose, dried glucose syrup, low erucic acid rapeseed oil. Contains 2% or less of: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, locust bean gum, guar gum, lemon juice concentrate, sea salt.

Nutritional value

Nutrition Facts per 2/3 cup (100 g) 
Calories - 200
Fat - 10 g (13%*)
Saturated - 7 g (33%*)
Trans Fat - 0 g
Cholesterol - 0 mg (0%*)
Sodium - 35 mg (1%*)
Total Carbohydrate - 26 g (9%*)
Dietary Fiber - 1 g (2%*)
Soluble Fiber - 0 g
Sugars - 20 g
Includes 20 g added sugars (41%*)
Protein - 1 g

Potassium - 2%*
Calcium - 0%*
Iron - 2%*
Vitamin D - 0%*

*% Daily Value.


It’s certified vegan! We must be pretty confident that you already knew this key fact since it is all the way over here in the “Other” section.

Gluten-free, non-GMO and kosher, too. How thoughtful is that?