Ample Hills, Pb's Fluff & Fold Ice Cream (Pint)

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Marshmallow ice cream with dark chocolate chunks and peanut butter swirls.

Inspired by the iconic ­čą¬ marshmallow fluff and peanut butter sandwich ­čą¬ from our childhood, PB's Fluff & Fold is the fluffiest, nuttiest flavor we've ever made! If you like Snap, Mallow, Pop!, you'll love this.

´╗┐Ingredients: ´╗┐Cream, milk, sugar, eggs, corn syrup, modified food starch, peanuts, peanut oil, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter, guar and carob gums, vanilla extract, salt, natural flavor

´╗┐Contains: Egg, Milk, Peanut