The Cheesecake Factory - Salted Caramel (Pint)

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  • The Cheesecake Factory - Salted Caramel (Pint)


Premium Caramel Cheesecake Ice Cream with a Signature Cream Cheese Blend, Sour Cream, Sea Salt Caramel and Graham Swirls

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    Freezer burnt!

    Posted by Kristy Flemings on Feb 8th 2021

    I purchased 8 of the salted caramel cheesecake factory ice cream. It was not cheap for 8 I paid just under a hundred but It is my all time favorite and my local stores don't usually restock it very often when I got the box it was in a styrofoam cooler with dry ice under with cardboard seperating it... it was nice, solid, and cold I was actually impressed! ...until the next day I go to open one and it was freezer burnt!... it tasted fowl sour even. there were ice crystals around the sides, the caremel was hard, gritty and tasted old. The graham cracker was mooshy and also had a really fowl taste ... It literally made me sick to my tummy usually the caremel is like a syrup same as for a Sunday and the graham tastes fresh it's not mushy it's like the graham was just put in ... It's a swirl of crushed graham and it is never soggy, mushy or gross tasting.... I thought hmm ok,... Maybe it's just this one I opened another same and then another same and so on .... Every last one was freezer burnt and gross! I emailed them and all they said is sorry send a pic do this doesn't happen again they didn't offer any form of resolution whatsoever so I'm just out 100$ and cant even enjoy the ice cream I ordered...

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