Purple Door Six Pack

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  • Purple Door Six Pack

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Included in this six pack:

  • VanillaThe godfather of all flavors. None have come before it. You can't have a superb ice cream shop without it. Pure. Balanced. Simple. Classic. Superb. Enjoy.
  • Mint Chip - The mint in this flavor will catch you at the beginning and linger until the end. Add dark chocolate pieces from local Masterson Chocolate, and this may be the best mint chip ice cream you have ever tasted.
  • Salty Caramel- The perfect balance of smooth, sweet caramel and flaky sea salts coalesce beautifully to make this a top selling flavor. Can't keep it on the shelf and you'll soon understand why.
  • Wisconsin Brandy Old Fashioned- If you live in Wisconsin, chances are you have consumed a Brandy Old Fashioned. It only made sense that this classic drink inspired us to make an ice cream flavor. You will taste the brandy, orange, cherries and bitters (bitters compliments of our Milwaukee's own Bittercube) in this sweet treat that we are sure represents the real thing!
  • Raspberry Chocolate Chip  -  Originally a valentines flavor, raspberry chocolate chip is so delicious and popular we will make it all year round. Sweet red raspberries with pieces of dark chocolate...oh, so good!
  • Lemon Cardamon  - The warmth and spice of cardamom combines with the fresh acidity of lemons for a dynamic flavor experience. Great on it's own or with a simple dessert.

Purple Door Ice Cream is Milwaukee's super-premium, hand-crafted artisan ice cream.  Purple Door Ice Cream is owned and operated by Lauren and Steve Schultz. Two educators for over 18 years combined, Lauren and Steve have taken their love for creativity, learning and forward thinking from the classroom to the kitchen. Both are passionate about creating a quality, delicious product while supporting the community and respecting the earth.

Purple Door ice cream uses quality and local ingredients in the making of product. Purple Door's super-premium, 14% butterfat ice cream uses milk and cream from Wisconsin dairies. The flavor combinations span from "the classics" to "are you kidding me?". Flavor ingredients include top-of-the-line cocoas, liquers, coffee beans, teas, spices, and fresh and seasonal fruits. Lauren and Steve love creating new flavors and sourcing the best quality local ingredients for their ice cream because, "We love ice cream and want you to love our ice cream too!" Every batch of Purple Door ice cream is hand-crafted in small batches and taste-tested for balance, accuracy and depth.


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