Sweetie Pies, Peach-Raspberry Pie

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  • Sweetie Pies, Peach-Raspberry Pie


Our celebrated crust bursting with luscious golden peaches and tantalizingly tart raspberries.

Our Pies Are Different.
They are truly homemade, and unlike any other pie in Door County. We hand roll every single crust. In fact, the only piece of machinery we use is an 8 cup mixer just like the one you probably have in your kitchen.

Made. With. Love.
Our crew is a family and we truly love these pies. Every time we make a ball of dough, every time we roll a crust or flute an edge, we do it with love in our hearts and in our hands. Each and every pie is lovingly handcrafted to be shared from our family to yours.

Ingredients:Peaches, raspberries, unbleached flour, sugar, butter, vegetable shortening, tapioca flour,
milk, love

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