Nightfood Cookies N' Dreams (Pint)

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  • Nightfood Cookies N' Dreams (Pint)
  • Nightfood Cookies N' Dreams (Pint)
  • Nightfood Cookies N' Dreams (Pint)
  • Nightfood Cookies N' Dreams (Pint)


Could Cookies n' Cream be America's most popular ice cream flavor?  Some reports say yes!

Due to its lower fat and high mineral content, the extreme temperature changes that occur when shipping with dry ice may sometimes cause Nightfood to partially shrink inside the container.  There’s nothing wrong with the product other than some of the air has escaped causing the product to contract.  All containers leave the shipping facility full.
Could Cookies n' Dreams be Nightfood's most popular ice cream flavor?  Some reports ALSO say yes!

For all you gluten lovers out there (yes, YOU), this is one of our three flavors that is not gluten-free.  Because, you know...cookies.

Two arms, two horns, two buck-teeth, and one awesome moustache on this monster....a moustache that's sure to end up loaded with cookie crumbs.  But, that's OK because he's all-in.  

You will be too!

INGREDIENTS: Skim milk, chocolate cookie crumble (unbleached wheat flour; sugar; palm oil; cocoa processed with alkali; salt; sodium bicarbonate; soy lecithin), prebiotic fiber (chicory root extract), milk protein concentrate, brown rice syrup, cream, tapioca syrup, glycerin, glycine, Nightfood mineral blend (calcium citrate; magnesium citrate; zinc citrate), natural flavor, tara gum, guar gum, salt, monk fruit extract.
CONTAINS: milk, wheat, soy.


That's right, nighttime ice cream!

At the end of the day, sometimes your Cravemonster just wants a little ice cream. Well, go ahead and do your thing, because Nightfood delivers seriously delicious ice cream that's both sleep expert & cravemonster approved. Sweet dreams!

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