Enlightened, All That & a Bag of Chips (Pint)

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  • Enlightened, All That & a Bag of Chips (Pint)
  • Enlightened, All That & a Bag of Chips (Pint)
  • Enlightened, All That & a Bag of Chips (Pint)
  • Enlightened, All That & a Bag of Chips (Pint)


Your favorite midnight snack, now with the flavor of your other favorite midnight snack! Potato chip ice cream with chocolate chips and a salted fudge swirl. This is the high protein, low sugar ice cream you've been looking for. Try Enlightened All That & a Bag of Chips ice cream today!

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7 Reviews

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    Posted by on Sep 26th 2019

    I usually love, or at least "like" enlightened brand flavors. I really expected to love this flavor. I expected vanilla ice cream with chocolate covered potato chips.

    What I got was the first Ice Cream from Enlightened that was so off putting that we literally took one bite, and dumped the rest in the garbage. The "potato chip flavored ice cream" tasted of rancid oil. Even the chocolate ribbons had an off-putting flavor and texture. Call this one a big miss.

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    Tastes Like Frying Oil

    Posted by Ashley Kinard on May 13th 2019

    I was expecting more chip in this, not chip-flavored vanilla with chocolate swirl and some odd crunchy bits. The "chip" flavor marketed here is a stretch: it tastes like the oil chips are fried in. Very unappealing flavor. Wouldn't buy this again.

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    Tastes like a bag of chips that someone barfed up.

    Posted by emma on May 8th 2019

    I assumed there would be chunks of actual chocolate covered potato chips in here. Instead, the base is "potato chip flavored". I can't describe it perfectly, but the effect of a slightly potato-y, sweet, smooth dairy dessert base is that of eating some freshly puked up ice cream and chips in one. Psychologically the combination of flavor and texture was not pleasant. Would NOT recommend. Who the heck taste tested this and let it pass QC, much less the drawing board?

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    All that

    Posted by Jennifer on Apr 7th 2019

    Very good tasting. Only wish it was less calories but it was still worth it.

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    Potato chip ice cream

    Posted by Donna G on Mar 26th 2019

    Disappointed compared to other flavors I have tried. I would not buy it again & will toss the remaining pints I have.

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    All that and a bag of Awesome!

    Posted by Michelle Gagliano on Mar 26th 2019

    Ordered online since was not available in P.A.. Shipping was so speedy and ice cream came packaged so nice in a cooler in dry ice. The All that and a bag of chips is really great tasting. I put in microwave for a few seconds to sofen and that is the key, when softer all the flavors come out and has a fabulous flavor with vanilla ice cream then chocolate and tiny bits of potato chips. Great compbination.

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    Posted by CatesyCatesy on Mar 26th 2019

    Had this shipped as a surprise for my potato chip loving husband. After finding it in a huge styrofoam (not recyclable) container packed with dry ice (DO NOT TOUCH WITHOUT GLOVES, burned my ring finger badly) and hiding it in the freezer for a day, my husband exclaimed "WORTH IT". It doesn't exactly taste like potato chips, more like a French Browned Butter delicacy. But it is DELISH! Wish they had it on the East Coast

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