Halo Top - Blueberry Crumble


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Swirls of sweet blueberry pie filling and chunks of pie crust at only 360 calories per pint, Blueberry Crumble delivers the best of spring to your tastebuds.
• An Anytime Treat: At 360 calories per pint, Halo Top® light ice cream is an anytime treat!
• A Smart Indulgence: With only 6 grams of sugar per serving!
• A Good Source of Protein: 20 grams of protein per pint!
• A Certified Kosher dessert!



Ingredients: Skim milk, eggs, erythritol, prebiotic fiber, milk protein concentrate, cream, organic cane sugar, blueberry base (organic sugar, water, wild blueberries, corn starch, natural flavor, blueberry juice concentrate, citric acid), pie crust pieces (wheat flour, sugar, salt, corn starch), vegetable glycerin, blueberry swirl (corn syrup, sugar, blueberry puree, water, blueberries, corn starch, blueberry juice concentrate, lemon juice concentrate, salt), spirulina extract (color), beet juice (color), caramel color, annatto extract (color), sea salt, natural flavor, organic carob gum, organic guar gum, organic stevia leaf extract.